I am a developer advocate with Oracle, part of the Java Platform Group, Developer Relations team.

Before moving over to developer advocacy I worked as a developer and consultant for over a decade working in a variety of fields including; insurance regulation, electronic health records, shipping, finance, and government. Working with so many organizations across different fields has given me an opportunity to see the unique challenge organizations face, as well as the common struggles we all face.

One of my passions is a drive towards automation of the delivery of software, better known as Continuous Delivery. Adopting continuous delivery practices is highly beneficial for organizations of every size and across industries as it addresses many of the fundamental issues organizations face; tracking changes, shortening the time between new idea and delivery to production, keeping applications and architecture secure, and increasing the confidence in pushing new changes to production.

When helping organizations adopt continuous delivery I bring particular expertise on the subject of test automation. I have written often on test automation, I speak on it regularly as well, I even published a Pluralsight course on test automation with Spring! Automated testing allows teams to maintain their velocity and keep technical debt to minimum because the of the confidence the tests provide that changes made do not introduce a regression and the process of writing tests itself encourages good design.

When I am not writing or talking about software development, I enjoy traveling, watching the Royals and Chiefs (who often break my heart), cycling, and playing kickball.